Mental Health Support Kits

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Mental Health Support Kits

An accessible, expertly developed toolkit designed to support the mental health and wellbeing of the students, employees or colleagues in your organisation.

Why a Mental Health Support Kit?

Good mental health practices help people feel in control of their emotions, increases concentration and cognitive functioning, and promotes positive interactions with those around them. These benefits result in a happier person and a more positive state of mind – supporting that person to perform well at work, in their studies, and in family and other social relationships.

The Mental Health Support Kit provides your people with the tips and tools to help them understand and form good mental health practices. The kits are an important self-care and empowerment tool that business leaders, managers, principals and teachers can use to show their employees and students that they care about them and their mental wellbeing – now and into the future.

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Help your organisation reduce fear, anxiety and stress.

What’s included in the Mental Health Support Kit

The Mental Health Support Kits are available in several packages. Each kit includes the Mental Health Support Kit Pocket Guide. The packages have been designed to meet the needs of most organisations. In addition, we offer the option of customisation to include a list of additional items to cater for specific business or educational needs or circumstances.

Package details and pricing are available upon request including the option of company branding.

Pricing is available upon request and is dependent on elements such as quantity and branding options.

Pocket guide

The Mental Health Support Kit Pocket Guide is the foundation on which the kits have been developed. The Pocket Guide is an easy to carry (credit card sized) tool that provides a reminder and tips for managing the essential elements required for good mental health.

The Pocket Guide links to the tools included in the Support Kit to support healthy self-care and wellbeing.

Pocket guide.

Company Branding

The kits and the contents have been designed for the inclusion of Company / Institution branding where requested. The Company logo provides a reassurance and confirmation of the support and care provided for employees, team members and/or students. Logos included in the Mental Health Support Kits also send a very positive branding message to strategic clients as recognition of their continued support

Note – minimum volumes and additional costs may apply to the branding options.

Example branded kit.

Example Kit

A Mental Health Support Kit could include a pocket guide, stress ball, standard eye shades, ear plugs, carry bag and drink bottle. Enquire for a full range of options.

Stress ball and ear plugs
Stress ball and ear plugs

Optional inclusions for the Mental Health Support Kits

Maintaining Good Mental Health

A variety of helpful tips and tools are available to assist a person maintain good mental health and wellbeing. Activity planning guides and templates are available for inclusion in the kits or in support of a corporate mental health program for employees.

Mental Health Resilience Tools

Guides, tools and activities to help build a person’s mental health resilience are available for inclusion in the kits or in support of a corporate mental health program for employees.

Self-Care Booklet / Guide

A self-care booklet is available which provides tools to assist a person in their personal, work, and social environments. The booklet provides some assessment tools and tips and tools to assist in maintaining good mental health and wellbeing.

Supportive Merchandise

A selection of supportive merchandise is available for inclusion in the kits. A range of products is available including, but not limited to, coffee cups, mental health activity pads, stress balls, caps, and drink bottles. Company branding is also available at an additional cost.

Mental Health Kit Benefits

The kits are designed for organisation leaders, educational institutions and business managers to support their teams, employees, clients or students.

  • Improve focus and presence
  • Meaningful connections with others
  • Encourages mindfulness
  • Anxiety and stress management
  • Organisational care and support
Three illustrations depict activities such as a couple cuddling, an individual listening to music and an individual reading

The experts behind the Mental Health Support Kit

The Mental Health Support Kits have been created by two experienced Mental Health professionals who are passionate about the essential principals of self-care and the prevention of mental health illnesses.

  • Cindy Parsons

    Cindy Parsons

    Registered Psychologist

  • Glenn McCluskey

    Glenn McCluskey

    Human Resources Professional

Company Employee Support Services Available

Mental Health First Aid Training

Mental Health First Aid Training is available to support company employees such as managers, supervisors and all levels of company team. The training is delivered by an accredited Mental Health First Aid Australia training instructor.

Corporate Mental Health Educational Workshops

Virtual or in-person workshops are available to provide the basic understanding of Mental Health and provide some helpful tips to support a person who may be exhibiting early signs of experiencing some mental health challenges.

Employee Support Programs

Support material and tools to support employees working remotely and experiencing the current pressures. Assistance tools to help balance the competing demands of work and family lives during these challenging times.

Wellbeing & Mental Health Employee Online Education

A series of on-line educational lectures are available to support employees in the areas of Wellbeing and Mental Health. The lectures series covers topics such as resilience, maintaining good mental health, tools to support wellbeing and tips to maintain a healthy work / life balance.

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